Trucks Low Polished Set

Ace Low Classics are tried and true are a full 5/32" (4mm) lower than our Classic models. Not recommended for use with taller than 53mm wheels. These lower your center of gravity for added stability at the cost of a slightly reduced turning radius. To quickly tell them apart from our Classics we use all black hardware. Industry-first features such as oversized axles and beveled hanger ends, both for better bearing performance. Made using industry standard 7071 alloy and 3056 steel axles, you can trust our Low Classics to perform in the clutch.

Axle width: 8"
Hanger width: 5.37"
Truck height: 1.90" (53mm) Classic
Fits boards: 7.75-8.12"
Color: Polished
Top 10mm tall | 91a hardness
Bottom 12mm tall | 86a hardness
Constructed from pure 7071 series aluminum
Heat-treated 3056 series steel axles


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