Rambler Hot Shot Cap


Available In Store Only

Leakproof, insulated, and perfectly sized for a piping hot brew.

On-the-go caffeine enthusiasts, meet the insulated, 360-drinking, 100% leakproof cap ideal for morning commutes, cold-weather hunts, night shifts, and beyond. With just a half twist and a click, you can sip from any side and enjoy that perfect, piping-hot temp. And as an added bonus, you can put the Hotshot™ cap on any of our Rambler bottles – it’s compatible with all of ‘em. But if you ask us, the 12 oz. And 18 oz. Are the perfect sizes for it.

Please note: Do not use the Rambler® bottle Hotshot™ cap with carbonated beverages or for storage of food or perishables.

SKU: 21070100004

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